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Project presentation

1. General description

2. Visitors area and members area

3. Registration

4. Statements

5. Data entries

6. Various forms of documents

7. Administrators and partners

3. Registration Enquiry

As of reception of the formular and after validation of your request, we will send you your passwords so you may enter data and configure your school’s parameters.

Name of school * :  
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Address of the school * :  
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Teacher's name * :  
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Information on the school

The project is reserved for schools. To help us validate your demand, please note any necessary information required to verify that you are a school: school's website address, any website mentioning the school (Ministry of Education, for example), ...
If you know it, you can also send us the exact location of the school (latitude and longitude). These values will help to position your school on the maps.

The weather website allows you to enter data concerning the appearance of the sky, the température, the pressure, the type of clouds, the direction and/or force of the wind and the monthly précipitations.
The default parameters upon connexion will only allow you to capture data about the temperature and the appearance of the sky only.

In order to add other observations or data entries, go to the teacher's configuration page and enter the new data for your school. A password will be sent to you in order to do this.

This "Configuration" area allows you to :

  • start entering data with a very simple page.
  • adapt the page of data entries to the class's level.
  • follow the rate of your class to introduce the required knowledge for each type of measurement, and to change this web page and the data entries according to this progression.